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Hungry Shark Evolution – Be a Shark!

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Android, Games, Gaming, iOS |

You will by now repeatedly encountered with a game in which you are fish in the aquarium that eats food. In short, shark naturally grows and the environment is changing.

This game has been rated excellent with a 4.4 star rating on Google Play Store and installed over 50 million times, which speaks about the quality of the game.

Experience the life in the body of a shark in the heaviest fighting for survival. Shark’s life is cruel, a little more eerie from another point of view, and will thus be in a constant search for delicious sea creatures, turtles and swimmers to reach their maximum.

hqdefault There are waiting for you difficult battle with hostile sharks, submarines and strange creatures from the depths of the sea. Terminating the tasks, you will be rewarded, and these awards are used  to upgrade their skills and slowly became king of seas and oceans.

What all you can expect from this game in the technical sense? Besides excellent graphics and brilliant sound effects, you’re having more than 70 tasks that need to be resolved. Each of them brings new excitement. This game will never get the adjective “boring” simply because you can choose any from 11 various sharks that you can use in the game, but depending on what tasks you are solving. Each solved task unlocks a new type of shark.

Tasks include various adventures like discovering over 15 buried treasures, which can be used for equipping your shark with special gadgets. There is an option to unlock a baby shark that helps you in maximizing your strengths. For this game, you need to have installed Windows 10 on your computer or smart phone.

hs54A special advantage of this game is what allows a large number of options to play, and it is completely free. If you are a lover of genuine action games that raises adrenaline then Hungry Shark Evolution is game for you. The best thing, despite the superb excitement of the game, is an absence of violence and is free to play for children of all ages.

If you play the game on your home computer you don’t need any console and joysticks but only the mouse. Clicking on the mouse you run the shark and introduce it into an exciting adventure.

On the Internet, you can find various instructions for playing Hungry Shark Evolution game. It can be purchased on sites such as Amazon or E-bay. We recommend that you find out all the magic of this exciting adventure completely in Hungry Shark Evolution hack free download.

Find out why over 50 million users like this game and consider it one of the best games that have appeared this year. Discover what are the secrets of underwater depths and be a shark!

Be Like Her – Play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016 in Android, Games, Gaming, iOS |

Have you ever dreamed of being a Hollywood star? Paparazzi follow you closely, you get free clothes, you are invited to all the glamorous entertainment…. Sounds good to you? Now you have a chance to get it.

kimappHave you heard of the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which is designed for both IOS and the Android platform? If not, it looks like you’re in the minority, because the game has become a total hit worldwide.

As promised, Kim Kardashian unveiled her first video game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. She is extremely pleased with how the audience reacts to it. Only on the Android platform, the game is downloaded by two million people! On the Google Play Store, Kim’s game is estimated with 4.3 rating, based on 80,000 votes, while the App Store picked up a full score. It is on the App Store now ranked fifth.

The aim is to put Kim Kardashian to save the world for various parties and help her to remain the biggest icon of the virtual world. Kim is actively involved in the development of this title so she proposed what of its real pieces of clothing will be found in it the game. She also lent her voice and cartoon copy.

The game offers a special mode where you create a character that you have to bring up the “A list” of desirable person in the world VIP events. It is not easy, so Kim, in cooperation with Glue company that has issued the game, decided to help. Buy different accessories, which cost from five to 20 dollars through the application and anonymous star will already be one step closer to the world fame.

The report showed that the game was downloaded by over 22,857,239 people. All these people have spent more than 5.7 billion minutes playing it. The actual playing is free, but numerous shopping opportunities that are within the application are the source of income.

It seems as if the mobile game Kim Kardashian will not achieve earnings of 200 million dollars, which is estimated at the beginning but the game will still earn the enormous amount of money.

9171156_f520Kim Kardashian: Hollywood recorded remarkable success on the mobile-game market. The game has earned 100 million dollars in the first 5 months on the market, and in the first year, this number has exceeded 200 million dollars. All the money came through buying things from the game with real money; things such as clothes, car and private planes.

Regardless of whether you want it or not, Kim Kardashian is for many people the star, especially since its video games for the iPhone is one of the most popular and most profitable this year. Kim Kardashian is very happy because her game has become a real hit. That is why there is Kim K Hollywood cheats money and stars.

With this game, you have the perfect opportunity to enter the world of glamor, to visit some exclusive places of the city and start a romance with the most desirable Hollywood stars. All you need is to download the game and start your own Hollywood adventure.

What can Minecraft can teach children?

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Games, Gaming, Review |

Last Updated : 12/6/2016

There is no doubt that almost every kid will sooner or later be thrilled by Minecraft. This game can be played on tablets, smartphones and PCs, and is very popular all around the world. It is a game of design and construction in a 3D virtual world. Children use building blocks and elements to build replicas of world famous buildings, fantasy worlds, amazing gardens, vehicles, towers, cities, or even completely new planets. In a world of Minescraft a child can build practically anything his imagination desires. It is like LEGO of video games.

Learn more about Minecraft

The main mode of the game is building, and it is the most appropriate mode for smaller children. But there is an upgrade or several extra modes such as research mode, the mode of collecting raw materials for building and survival of the virtual world, combat survival mode where players are attacked by zombies and much more. In addition to playing the game, kids from all over the world actively participate in forum discussions, some go to the themed Minecraft summer camp, many create YouTube videos about their creations, and there are also themed Minecraft birthday parties all over the world.

minecraft (1)

It comes as no surprise that kids love this type of games, because it is well known that in the real world they love to build using building blocks. This passion was passed onto the screens by the creators of Minecraft, and it achieved great success. As well as stacking building blocks in everyday playing, Minecraft can also have many benefits for children – of course, if the game is played moderately.

Minecraft is a game that is based on experimentation. It encourages, inspires and rewards creativity and imagination. Children invent what and how to build themselves. The child has to figure out the way in which to conduct the building. He must choose several of many materials to find the ones that suit him best and thus learns the types of material in general. Through playing this game children also get a perspective of space in which they place their imaginary object. With Minecraft children learn to draw logical conclusions, to solve problems, focus, and set their goals.


They also learn the basics of science, entrepreneurship and computer literacy. The child is forced to experiment, take risks, and learn from his mistakes in a very fun and interactive environment. Constant changes in the game force the brain to adapt and successfully face new challenges. Furthermore, Mincraft teaches some basic mathematical knowledge and social skills, since it brings kids into teams, so they can brainstorm, build, explore, communicate and learn together. Did you know that your child is also learning java through minecraft. They learn how to assist, consult, propose, express their opinions and to respect others. Game is equally suitable for both girls and boys and it is not gender specific or stereotypical.


In addition, the game is very safe. There is no explicit vocabulary, no alcohol, drugs, guns or blood. Violence is minimal and it is not shown graphically. It can be played in multiplayer platform, but it is also possible to adjust the settings to protect the child from any external predators. Many schools across the US use Minecraft in teaching. For example, they add all children to a multiplayer group and they build the Egyptian pyramids together.

Since it is undoubtedly difficult to keep children from playing games and using smart devices, Minecraft is a game which is probably the best choice for boys and girls.