Commercial Cleaning Myths

If you have found yourself needing to hire a janitorial service, you might find that some myths start to pop into your head. You need to have a clean facility, so don’t be afraid to push past some of these harmful myths about commercial cleaning, and find the team that will work for you.

First, if you see different prices for cleaning companies, don’t fall into the myth that they are trying to cheat you. Just like your business, every single cleaning company is different, and they charge different prices for various reasons. Don’t instantly assume that you will be cheated just because one company charges ten dollars more than another company. There’s probably a reason, such as a service they offer that the other doesn’t. 

Another myth is that you don’t need commercial cleaning services in Long Island, NY because your staff can tidy up the office just fine. While it makes sense that your staff could clean their desks and keep the common area and bathroom tidy, they aren’t equipped or trained to do deep cleans of your office environment. Even if they were, the deep clean would take time away from them doing their jobs.

commercial cleaning services in Long Island, NY

Finally, don’t believe the myth that any tools can be used by janitors. Often, the cleaning services will bring their own supplies that are much higher quality than the ones you can buy at a store. Make sure to ask them about the supplies they use, and learn a bit about how effective they are at cleaning.

Don’t let these myths stop you from hiring a commercial cleaning service, because they will give you a clean office. Until you’ve walked in a freshly clean office on Monday morning, you’ll never truly appreciate what a janitor service can do for you.