Making Sure That Your Patients Are Safe With Medications

Medication is a major substance if mistreated or mishandled can cause injury, sickness or death.  For this reason, it is vital that pharmacies and other medical establishments use a pharmacy inventory system to keep all of their medications straight as well as keep a record of who got what and when.

Double count your medications

pharmacy inventory system

There is nothing better than the human eye when it comes to counting and keeping track of information.  When we rely too much on machines and technology to do our work we tend to treat them an inflatable.  For this reason, it is vital that we double check and sometimes even triple check to ensure what the machines are telling us is correct.

Keep your software updated

It is important that you keep your software updated at all times.  The first reason is that there may be new rules, guidelines or changes in the systems that need to be reflected.  Additionally, Security holes, patches and protection against outside sources need to be monitored.  When using software, you never know if it is compromised until it is compromised.

Learn the interface

You want to learn the interface of the software.  There are going to be different areas that will look the same or perform similar functions.  You want to make sure that you are in the right areas and that you know what fields mean for which data.

Read the labels

You want to read the labels and make sure that the bottles are filled with the correct medications.  This is where the human error can come into play.  Even though the computer says that you are filling bottle A with Medicine A doesn’t mean it is correct.  Read the labels and triple check your work.

When it comes to protecting our patients, these basic steps should be done every time.  They are your final level of security in the safeguard of your patents and customers.